Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Modern Marvel: Star Wars: Han Solo #4 Millennium Falcon Variant

It is easy for a cover to get lost in the massive amount of variant covers that is released these days.  To be fair, most of them are forgettable, but occasionally, one stands out from the crowd.  For the Han Solo series, I'm fond of the Millennium Falcon variant cover for Han Solo #4.

Star Wars: Han Solo #4b - Marvel Comics, U.S. (October 2016)
Millennium Falcon variant
Every issue in the Han Solo mini-series has a Millennium Falcon variant cover.  Arguably the best known spaceship from any movie, the Millennium Falcon is an importance component of Han Solo's character, so a variant cover focused on this ship makes sense.  Han Solo is a smuggler and a great pilot, and all great pilots are identified by the craft they fly.  His affection and pride for the Falcon is apparent throughout the original trilogy and one of the key moments in The Force Awakens is when Han is reunited with his ship.

What I love above the artwork by Stephanie Hans is Han Solo standing atop his ship, peering up at the other spacecraft flying overhead.  It is a character defining moment for Han; he wants to be up there, in space, flying his ship, not grounded on some alien world.  Naturally, his loyal companion, Chewbacca, is doing all the work prepping the Falcon for flight.

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