Saturday, March 18, 2017

Retro Foreign: Swedish Stjärnornas Krig Album #2

Sweden is nestle between the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, and Norway and is one of only 3 Scandinavian countries (Finland is not considered part of Scandinavia despite the close proximity to the other countries.)  Sweden is the most populous Nordic country; in 1977 it had a population of over 8.2 million people.  Semic Press, responsible for publishing the earliest Star Wars comics in the region, is based in Sweden.

Semic Press' second Stjärnornas Krig or Star Wars album for Swedish readers was released in 1978.  This 84-page trade paperback contains Star Wars #11 - 15 and is title Draklorderna or Dragon Lords.

Stjärnornas Krig Album #2a - Semic Press, Sweden (1978)
contains Star Wars #11 - 15 (minus some pages)
S. Bramsen signed the artwork for the painted cover which is based on the Carmine Infantino cover for Star Wars #15.

Interestingly, Semic Press did not translate Star Wars #7 - 10, but instead skipped these issues and others during their time publishing Star Wars comics.

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