Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Modern Marvel: Star Wars: Lando #3 (2nd Print)

Perhaps not as hard to find as Obi-Wan & Anakin #2 2nd print is the 2nd printing of Lando #3.  In the past few months, a couple have been sold on eBay and there is only one listing currently available for this book.

Star Wars: Lando #3a - Marvel Comics, U.S. (August 2015)
The first print cover for the standard issue shows Lando Calrissian falling which is a metaphor for his situation in the story.  In the tale, Lando leads a crew that steals an Imperial ship, the Imperialis, from an orbital shipyard.  Things begin to spiral out of control quickly when they are confronted by three Imperial Star Destroyers.  To make matters worse, there are Emperor Royal Guards aboard who critically wound Lobot.  The guards are subdued by Aleksin and Pavol, two of Lando's crew.  They discover the guards have been corrupted by Sith artifacts they are guarding aboard the ship.  On the cover behind the falling Lando are three Royal Guards, although only two appear in the story.

Star Wars: Lando #3c - Marvel Comics, U.S. (August 2015)
2nd print
The 2nd print cover is a variant of the same art, except the background has now been replaced with a star field.  Many of the 2nd prints from Marvel have used a star field background.

Despite the relative infrequency this comic is listed on eBay, when it is available, expect to pay no more than cover price.

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