Saturday, March 31, 2018

Retro Dark Horse: Star Wars Handbook Volume 1: X-Wing Rogue Squadron

Dark Horse published four comic-sized handbooks.  The first handbook was published toward the end of the X-Wing Rogue Squadron title and focused on that title, while the next two handbooks, Crimson Empire and Dark Empire, were published after those series had ended.  Dark Horse must have felt a primer on these titles would help sell more trade paperbacks.  A fourth handbook, for Knights of the Old Republic, was published almost two years after that title had started.

Handbook Volume 1: X-Wing Rogue Squadron contains entries for both the heroes and villains in the series.  Using an encyclopedia format, most of the entries are prose accompanied by artwork, although not every character has a picture.  In addition to the characters, there are many entries for the main spaceships found in the series.  While this handbook is not necessary to enjoy the title, it does provide additional background material and does a decent job of augmenting the stories.

Star Wars Handbook Volume 1: X-Wing Rogue Squadron a - Dark Horse Comics, U.S. (July 1998)
The cover shows the members of Rogue Squadron posing with an X-Wing Fighter.

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