Monday, May 8, 2017

Modern Antarctic Press: Steam Wars: Holiday Special #2

Steam Wars: Holiday Special #2 continues the tradition of the previous special by mixing original Kenner packaging dressing with other Star Wars-like imagery.

Steam Wars: Holiday Special #2a - Antarctic Press, U.S. (January 2017)
Like it's predecessor, the cover is laid out as a vintage Kenner Star Wars action figure package with the silver bands although the solid black background has been replaced by black and green.  The character placard under the title says Holiday Special II and Fred Perry's "signature" is done in the style of the Kenner logo.  The art inside the cover dressing are some Steam Wars toys near a Christmas tree.  The spaceship is inspired by the Millennium Falcon.  The spaceship is sitting on a Steam Wars version of the Star Wars early bird display stand.

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