Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Retro Foreign: Mexican Clásicos del Cine #315

Editorial Novaro began translating Marvel's Star Wars in their Clásicos del Cine or Film Classics title starting with issues #299.  The first four Star Wars issues in the title are in the smaller sized aguila or eagle format.  Starting with issue #303, the format was changed to the avestruz or ostrich format which are standard sized issues.  The title ended with issue #315 and Star Wars was published in every issue from #299 - 315.  When the title ended, the Star Wars translations were moved to Novaro's Domingos Alegres title starting with issue #1427 where they would appear every four issues alternating with other features until that title ended with issue #1457.  The Star Wars issues in that title are all in the aguila format.

Clásicos del Cine #315 is the final issue in that title.  In the upper left hand corner of the cover it says 30 Feliz Aniversario or Happy 30th Anniversary.  This marking was used on several covers throughout Novaro's comic line to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the publisher by brothers Luis and Octavio Novaro.  Editorial Novaro ceased publishing comic books only five years later in 1985.

Clásicos del Cine #315a - Editorial Novaro, Mexico (August 1980)
contains Star Wars #31 and 32
The artwork used on the cover is the same used on Star Wars #31.  All the Star Wars issues use the Spanish La Guerra de las Galaxias and, in parentheses, the English Star Wars on the cover.

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