Friday, May 26, 2017

Retro Foreign: Portuguese O Regresso De Jedi

Distri Editora published a translation of the Return of the Jedi adaptation for Portuguese readers in 1983.  The magazine is very similar to the U.S. Marvel Super Special #27 including the back and front cover art and the paper quality of the cover and interior color pages.  The inside covers are blank.  The title is simply O Regresso de Jedi.

O Regresso De Jedi a - Distri Editora, Portugal (1983)
contains Marvel Super Special #27
O Regresso De Jedi a - Distri Editora, Portugal (1983)
back cover
The indicia is located on the back cover of this magazine instead of the interior.

The cover for this magazine format is easily damaged due to the slick nature of the paper and the use of only two staples.  It is not uncommon to see Marvel Super Special issues with the covers detached at one or both staples.  Finding a nice condition copy of a magazine using this format from a country with a relatively small population like Portugal (in 1983 there were less than 10 million people) is not an easy task.  Despite the rough condition of the copy I own, the cover is firmly attached at both staples.

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