Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Retro Foreign: German Star Wars (1999) #1

Dino Verlag published Star Wars comics in Germany from June 1999 until it was acquired by Panini Comics in 2003.  The Dino name continued to be used on the Star Wars comics until January 2007 and afterwards the Panini name is used.  The main Star Wars title ran for 125 issue from June 1999 to September 2015.  It contains a variety of Dark Horse titles translated for German readers.

Dino Verlag's Star Wars (1999) #1 contains German translations of Dark Horse's Star Wars: Vader's Quest #1 and Star Wars (1998) #1.

Star Wars #1a - Dino Verlag, Germany (June 1999)
The cover used is from Star Wars: Vader's Quest #1.

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