Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fan-Made: Jawa Adventures

This is not actually a comic yet.  I ran across the article Help Make Jawa Adventures Comic A Reality! on and I thought I would help out.  Otis Frampton, creator of the all age comic Oddly Normal published by Image Comics, wants to draw a title featuring Jawas for Marvel Comics or IDW.  In his blog posting "Jawa Adventures" Comic Pitch! he explains why he should be given the job and has many sample drawings showing what such a comic would look like.  I looked at the drawings and was immediately sold on the idea!

From article, to help make the comic a reality:

Otis said fans can help by tweeting to Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney feeds (@marvel, @starwars, @disney), and directing them to his pitch.  Give it a go.  Who knows?  We could have a new title on our hands next year!

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