Sunday, June 4, 2017

Retro Foreign: Star Wars: Matahari Buatan

Matahari Buatan or Artificial Sun was published in Indonesia by Yayasan Karya Bhakti Bandung.  Like many of the other Indonesian Star Wars digests, this comic contains two stories.  The lead Star Wars story has amateur artwork that is prevalent in original Indonesian Star Wars stories.  Early in the story, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are both piloting an X-Wing Fighter (there is room for two in the cockpit) and later we see Darth Vader and Princess Leia in the same X-Wing Fighter.  Sometime during the story, it looks like Chewbacca rescues Luke and Han.  The backup story in this comic is dated 29-4-1975.

Star Wars: Matahari Buatan a - Yayasan Karya Bhakti Bandung, Indonesia (1980s)
original cover
The cover does not depict a scene from the story inside.  It shows Princess Leia and another person (it doesn't look like his outfit but it is most likely Han) aiming their guns at a menace off panel, while an unknown spacecraft flies overhead.

I'm really loving these Indonesian Star Wars books.  I know many like to describe Marvel's original run as outlandish, but compared to the original Indonesia comics, the Marvel stories are tame.  Marvel's output had a consistency that worked very well with what we saw on the movie screen.  On the other hand, the Indonesian stories borrow the main characters and throw them into completely alien situations that defy logic, but are cool because of their child-like innocence.

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