Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mile High Comics 41 Star Wars Comics Set Poster

Mile High Comics newsletter from June 14th shows a poster they had made featuring the 41 Star Wars exclusive covers they have had so far:

I have several fun news items for you today.  First, we just received our latest Mile High Comics insert poster from our printer.  It features all 41 of our exclusive Marvel Comics STAR WARS variant editions that we have published over the past 2 1/2 years.  We have published several incarnations of some of these variant covers for you as a part of previous Mile High Comics posters, but this time I decided that we needed to expand to a much larger size, as the cover images became so small as to be almost unrecognizable in our previous tri-fold format.  In this much larger 22" X 36" format, however, I think that the cover images turned out really well.

In case you are wondering, everyone who places an order with us over the next 30 days will receive one of these cool posters included in their package, for free!  Posters will also be included in all of our N.I.C.E. subscription club packages for a month.  All of these free posters will be folded several times, however, so they will need to be flattened upon arrival.  If you would like a mint copy mailed to you in a tube, we have a few available at $9.95, which includes shipping and handling.

Here is the image from the newsletter for the poster:

Mile High Comics 41 Star Wars Comics Set Poster (image from newsletter)
My favorite part about the poster is the blurb The Rarest Star Wars Comics Set in the World!  Rarest?  The covers, discounting the original six and those by Katie Cook, are pretty nice if not a tad expensive, but this set doesn't even crack the top 25 rarest Star Wars comics sets in the world.

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