Friday, January 26, 2018

Modern Antarctic Press: Steam Wars: Gearjammer #1

Steam Wars: Gearjammer #1 collects the backup stories from Steam Wars: First Empire #1 and 2 starring the pilot Zora Gearjammer.  In the story, Zora Gearjammer, flying a craft with features reminiscent of an X-Wing Fighter, is being chased by another ship commanded by Darq Maude who Zora refers to as the Night Hag.  The ship Maude is commanding has solar panels not unlike those found on an Advanced TIE Fighter, although her spacecraft is considerably larger.  The pursuit is low over a planet's surface and the two ships enter into a cave with imagery that reminds readers of the Death Star trench run at the end of a New Hope.  When the ships emerge from the cave, Maude's spacecraft is grabbed by a Sand Kraken.  Before the ship is completely destroyed, Maude gets off a final shot that hits Zora's starship, causing her to crash.  Zora is awaken by a voice that tells her "You must fulfill your destiny."  She sees a light from the wreckage of Darq Maude's ship and discovers a Star Ember which she plans on using to power her escape.

Steam Wars purposely uses familiar Star Wars elements in a Steam Punk setting.  It is obvious that Zora Gearjammer is meant to remind us of Luke Skywalker, and the voice Zora hears is like Luke Skywalker hearing Ben Kenobi's voice.  Additionally, Darq Maude's name and look is not unlike that of Darth Vader.

Steam Wars: Gearjammer #1a - Antarctic Press, U.S. (July 2016)
The cover for GearJammer #1 shows Zora Gearjammer holding a wrench.  Behind her is the spacecraft which has similarities to an X-Wing Fighter with an elongated body and double wings located at the back.

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