Monday, January 22, 2018

Retro Foreign: Turkish Tercüman Çocuk #23 (June 4, 1982)

Tercüman Çocuk or Interpreter Child is a weekly magazine from Turkey which features comics, puzzles, and games for children.  Starting in early 1982, several issues of the Marvel Star Wars title were translated into Turkish for the publication.  Only a few Star Wars pages are included in Tercüman Çocuk and some of the issues even have a Star Wars cover.  Tercüman Çocuk #23 from June 4, 1982 contains three pages from Star War #24.

Tercüman Çocuk #23a - Tercüman Çocuk Publication, Turkey (June 4, 1982)
pages #12 - 14 of Star Wars #24
The cover artwork used for the 1982 Tercüman Çocuk #24 is the same artwork used for Star Wars #47.

Star Wars #47a - Marvel Comics, U.S. (May 1981)
Inside, the color palette is limited and the colors do not match the colors used in the U.S. edition.

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