Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Will Dark Horse Publish Star Wars Comics Again?

In a press release that came out on Monday, Dark Horse Comics announced they are teaming with Disney on a Frozen mini-series.  Frozen comics have been published by Joe Books and IDW has a license to publish comics based on other Disney characters.  The press release also mentioned that Dark Horse and Disney will be collaborating on more comics in the near future.

Needless to say, there are some Star Wars comic fans who are speculating that Dark Horse might get the Star Wars license back.  I'm of the opinion that this is not likely since the Star Wars books are some of Marvel's best selling, with the main Star Wars title Marvel's top selling ongoing comic since it debuted in January 2015.  It is hard to imagine a scenario where Marvel would jeopardize their monthly sales by giving up what has proven to be a cash cow for them.  And, as IDW has discovered with the Star Wars Adventures title, just because a comic is based on Star Wars, it doesn't necessarily translate to high sales.

To read more about the announcement, please read the Newsarama article Disney's FROZEN Coming to DARK HORSE As Part Of New Partnership.

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