Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More Star Wars Comic Collector Site Changes

I have created a Facebook page for the Star Wars Comic Collector website in the hopes of generating more feedback on my blogs.  The Facebook link is Star Wars Comic Collector on Facebook.  The plans are to still publish blogs in Blogger, but have links to those blogs in Facebook.  With over 100 blogs to convert, it will take me a few days until the Facebook Timeline reflects all the blogs.  Going forward, that activity will be handled by IFTTT.

Additionally, last month, I added a Star Wars Sales Estimates page which can be access from a tab on the tab bar.  Monthly, I will update the sales data for the Marvel Star Wars titles in plot.ly which will update the graph on that page.

Finally, I created a Past Polls page which also can be access from a tab at the tab bar.  Routinely, as polls expire, I will move them to this page.  I also added new polls to the main page.

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