Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Retro Dark Horse: Star Wars Comic Pack #1

Starting in September 2006, Hasbro began issuing Star Wars Comic Packs which contained 2 action figures and a comic published by Dark Horse.  Previously in 1996, Hasbro released a couple of action figure 2-packs with comics in the Shadow of the Empire toy line.  The new comic packs allowed Hasbro to produce action figures based on Expanded Universe characters shown in the comics.  These comic packs were produced until November 2010 when online retailer Entertainment Earth received the final 4 comic packs as shop exclusives.  A total of 57 comics (and 1 comic variation) were produced for these 2 packs and all the comics are reprints from Marvel or Dark Horse stories.  The comics are numbered separately from the toy package and only issues #1 - 49, 51 - 56, 59, and 75 exist.

Star Wars Comic Pack #1a - Dark Horse Comics, U.S. (September 2006)
reprints Star Wars: Crimson Empire #6
internet retailer exclusive
The first Star Wars Comic Pack contains a reprint of the Star Wars: Crimson Empire #6 comic and was released as an internet retailer exclusive.  This comic pack was re-released by Hasbro with new packaging for brick and mortar stores, but the comic inside the package did not change.

Loose, most of the Star War Comic Pack comics fetch $1 - 3.  Notable exceptions include issue #47 (the Celebration V exclusive), issue #56 (the San Diego Comic-Con 2010 exclusive), and the 4 Entertainment Earth exclusives (#49, 55, 59, and 75.)

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