Friday, July 10, 2015

Speculation Spotlight: Marvel Star Wars #1 6th Print

The Star Wars #1 6th print came out on July 8th with a double cover.  The interior cover is the green 6th print cover, and the outer cover is the 1st print cover.  There is no variant for this issue since every single copy has the double cover.  But, that has not stopped people from paying as much as $20 for a copy on eBay.

The previous reprints of Star Wars #1 all had over 10,000 copies printed and there is no reason to believe this issue will not have roughly the same number of copies.  That coupled with the fact that there is no variant here, makes this a poor book to speculate on.  And if this book was legitimately "rare" (which it is not), it would be very easy for someone to marry a 1st print cover to a 6th print book.  This is one "investment" I would avoid.

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