Thursday, July 30, 2015

Retro Foreign: German Marvel-Extra Krieg der Sterne #1

In February 1978 Star Wars was first shown in German cinemas.  The following month, the German publisher Williams-Verlag released Krieg der Sterne #1, a 60 page magazine-sized comic which contains Marvel Star Wars #1 - 3 translated for German readers.  Williams-Verlag would finish the movie adaptation in Krieg der Sterne #2, another 60 page issue published in April 1978.  Finally, Williams-Verlag published the German editions of Marvel Star Wars #7 - 10 in Krieg der Sterne #3 in May 1978.  Krieg der Sterne #3 is 68 pages long and is missing several pages from the four 17-page issues in order to contain the entire adventure of Han Solo and Chewbacca on the planet Aduba-3.  In November 1978 Williams-Verlag collected the 3 magazine-sized issues inside a new cover and published the collection as Marvel-Extra Krieg der Sterne #1.

Marvel-Extra Krieg der Sterne #1a - Williams-Verlag, Germany (November 1978)
Star Wars #1 - 10
Collects Krieg der Sterne #1 - 3
Marvel-Extra Krieg der Sterne #1 is large, measuring 11 1/4" x 7 3/4", and heavy.  The weight comes from the paper stock which is high quality and comparable to modern paper stock.  All 3 magazines including the covers are bundled in this comic.  Whether or not these were returns or new printings is unknown.  The cover price for issues #1 and 2 is 3.50 deutsche mark and the larger issue #3 is 4.50 deutsche mark.  The bundle is only priced at 3.50 deutsche mark making it an extremely inexpensive collection!  For this reason, I believe this collection contains returned magazines.

Marvel-Extra Krieg der Sterne #1a - Williams-Verlag, Germany (November 1978)
back cover
Both the back and front covers contain art I am unfamiliar with but is reminiscent of the art inside.  The text on the back translates to:

All the adventures of this world stuck in this big comic!

Star Wars, the fantastic space opera, the biggest cinema successes of our times, this comic version was created by well-known American comic-artists.  Let the Galactic fairy tale enthrall you, as you experience the most spectacular science-fiction adventure of all time.

Like millions of cinema visitors for the film Star Wars, you will be excited as a reader of this anthology of the Star Wars comic... Because the name Marvel stands for quality.

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