Saturday, July 25, 2015

Speculation Spotlight: Star Wars #4 Boba Fett black and white action figure variant

Thursday night, John Tyler Christopher began selling a new black and white variant of Star Wars #4 with the Boba Fett action figure cover.  This variant is limited to 3000 copies and sold out very quickly at $20 after been put on sale on his site.  The comic has already been selling on eBay for up to $75.

If this comic did not have the first appearance of Sana Solo, I would be hesitant to recommend anyone spend more than $20 for it.  If Sana Solo proves to be popular and have longevity however, I can see a premium being placed on this comic since it will be the most limited cover with the first appearance of Sana Solo.  I know there are other reasons for this comic to sell well including the current popularity of the action figure cover design and the Boba Fett cover.  I believe the action figure cover design will prove to be a fad as Marvel and other publishers will keep publishing them until collectors grow tired of them.  As for the Boba Fett cover, I'm of the opinion this is a fairly weak cover; Dark Horse had several Boba Fett covers over the year which are far superior to this one.  And those covers are also on comics that contain an actual Boba Fett story.

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