Friday, July 10, 2015

Retro Dark Horse: Star Wars Comic Pack #11

As far as I know, there was only one comic variant in the Hasbro Star Wars Comic Packs.  Issue #11 was released both with and without the Star Wars 30th Anniversary logo.

Star Wars Comic Pack #11a - Dark Horse Comics, U.S. (September 2007)
reprints Star Wars: Republic #57
contains 30th anniversary logo
Star Wars Comic Pack #11b - Dark Horse Comics, U.S. (September 2008)
reprints Star Wars: Republic #57
does not contain 30th anniversary logo
When Star Wars Comic Pack #11 was first released, Star Wars was celebrating it's 30th anniversary and many Star Wars products contained logos celebrating this milestone.  A year later, when this comic pack was re-released, the comic was altered and the logo was dropped.  Neither version is more rare than the other and the difference is not noted by sellers.

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