Thursday, July 2, 2015

Retro Foreign: Chinese Star Wars Lianhuanhua (Revisited Again)

Unbelievably, yet another Chinese comic adaptation of Star Wars: A New Hope has been found.  This adaptation starts with Luke Skywalker watching the Princess Leia recording he stumbles across while cleaning R2-D2 and proceeds to follow the movie from there.  Like many of the other adaptations, some of the characters look slightly like their movie counterparts.

星球大战 - China (1982)
A New Hope adaptation
In addition to starting with the Princess Leia recording scene, this adaption takes huge liberties with the ending battle.  The cover depicts one of the 1950s styled astronauts that goes to battle against the Death Star.  The Landspeeder is recognizable in this story, but the Millennium Falcon looks like a Buck Rogers space craft.  Chewbacca is portrayed more like he is in the movie, something many of these Chinese adaptations do not do.  Surprisingly, it is Darth Vader's depiction that has the most liberties; he is shown with binocular styled protruding eyes and a pronounced muzzle where his mouth piece is.  His helmet is also enlarged, but not as large as the helmet worn by Dark Helmet in the Spaceballs spoof.

One thing I failed to point out earlier is many of these Star Wars lianhuanhua adaptation are subtitled Xing Qiu Da Zhan, which is the Pinyin translation of Star Wars in Chinese where 星球大战 also translates to Star Wars but uses Chinese characters.

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